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The natural ingredients in Bellamianta spray tan work with the skin’s melanin to provide a natural golden tan, which is water-resistant and can last up to seven days. Being alcohol-free and non-toxic, this tan is gentle on the skin and contains luxurious ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamins A, C and E. The premium grade of tanning active used provides a natural, golden olive tone. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and restoring skin elasticity thanks to its enriching ingredients and fruit extracts, including mango, papaya and goji berry. The tans are also quick-drying and ultra-hydrating. Both tan options are completely cruelty-free, and are suitable in pregnancy when undergoing chemotherapy and for those with hypersensitive skin such as psoriasis/eczema/rosacea. Book a treatment Now

Bellamianta Rapid   £26.00   20 mins  

Pushed for time but not willing to compromise on colour? Bellamianta's Rapid tan develops quickly and evenly into a gorgeous, deep, golden tone.
Suitable for ALL skin types & skin tones Best for… quick results, sensitive skin Development time: Development Time: 2 hours: light golden, 3 hours: medium tone, 4+ hours: darkest results

Bellamianta Intense Dark   £26.00   20 mins  

Bellamianta Intense Dark
Suitable for ALL skin types and skin tones Best for… sensitive skin Development time: Development Time: 2-6 Hours